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Solar Film

Premature fading caused by UV light to furnishings and other items can be very costly. We supply and install solar window films that can cut out up to 99% of UV rays,   We install this cost-effective solar control solution in shop fronts as well as in homes and businesses.

Our solar films can be installed very quickly on your office windows, at very low cost and without causing any disruption. Solar window films significantly reduce the heat absorption through your windows. Solar films cut out the glare of the sun, making computer-based work easier and reducing the incidents of eye strain and headaches.

Long term value for money – no maintenance and need to replace for more than 20 years!

Solar films are applied to the interior surface of your glazing, making them very durable.  You can enjoy the benefits of your solar film for over 20 years.

Safety Film


Glazed areas are the weakest point of any building and are vulnerable to burglars and vandals.  Our super-tough security film creates an invisible barrier that effectively protects against forced entry.
Clear, protective window films effectively hold broken glass together during and after an impact, stopping intruders from entering your property through broken glazing.
Protective safety window films are available for less cost of installing toughened safety glass and help protect your property against vandalism.

Frosted Film

Frosted films are used to obscure anything from a glass partition in an office building to a shower enclosure in your own home, we are able to supply various shades of frosted film such as white and plain frost. 

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